Why you should travel to Madeira…

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There are many reasons why you should travel to Madeira. Heaven can wait!

Madeira: Recommended restaurants in Funchal

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Recommended places to eat in Funchal, ie restaurants I have visited:Restaurants in Funchal (Madeira) that are well above average:

Experience Madeira

My dream of Madeira

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The first time I heard about Madeira, I was a little boy…


Was the dream of Madeira true?

Madeira travelogue # 10


The Monte Toboggans, not for wimps!

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Madeira travelogue # 9

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The impressions are many at exciting Madeira

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Madeira travelogue # 8

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Coincidence led to the Madeira wine

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Madeira wine – Madeira travelogue # 7

Text and photos at Blandy’s Madeira, Funchal:

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Nuns Valley, Madeira. The place God hidden

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Nuns Valley – Madeira travelogue # 6

Text and photos at Nuns Valley: 

Nuns Valley, Madeira has burned onto the retina

Over 900

Do Forte – an unforgettable evening at the Atlantic shore

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Do Forte Madeira; Travelogue # 5

Text and photos at Do Forte:

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